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MAY OVERTHROW: House of Karađorđević a tool of the Vatican?


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 Above image - "...Alexander I or Aleksandar Obrenović (Cyrillic: Александар Обреновић; 14 August 1876 – 11 June 1903) was king of Serbia from 1889 to 1903 when he and his wife, Queen Draga, were assassinated by a group of Army officers,[1] led by Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijević......
.....Apparently to prevent Queen Draga's brother being named heir-presumptive, but in reality to replace Alexander Obrenović with Peter Karađorđević, a conspiracy was organized by a group of Army officers headed by Captain Dragutin Dimitrijević also known as "Apis", who was in the pay of the Russians,[3] as well as the leader of the Black Hand secret society which would assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914..... .." - URL:


"....In 2006, a book written by journalist Milorad Bošnjak and machine engineer Slobodan Jakovljević (a direct descendant of Jakov Obrenović, half-brother of Miloš Obrenović), it was claimed that Karađorđe's ancestor was an Albanian Catholic from Kelmend called Đin Maraš Klimenta.[9][unreliable source?] Dimitrije Tucović had earlier claimed that he was of Albanian descent.[10][full citation needed].......".

[see also References. Source: Wikipedia -]

Practically the sources of information who take the side of the Serbs are continuing to be the carbon copy of the issues of OSS. In WWII the West Balkans were under control of British SIS (and of Stalin). Of course with some limitations cause the personality of Tito, not so easy to manipulate. U.S. O.S.S. was putted aside and therefore tried to earn some advantages taking the side of the most unfortunate member of the occupied Yugoslavia, the one sacrificed by Churchill's [Jesuits'] designs: the Serbs. From here an absolutely not-critic exaltation of the Serbian Chetniks, of the Karadjordjevic and so on. Necessity of the war and competition between allies during WWII. But this should not be goal of the ones who are exposing the Roman Catholic Ustasha butchery against the Serbs. Perhaps it should be useful some criticism also of the Serbian elite, without which the destiny of hundreds of thousands of Serbs would it be different and not so cruel.

The Serbian crown Kardjordjevic were made up by some kings who were true despots. They were hated not only by Croats, but also by Slovenes and the Serbs who were not conservatives. If you trace down the origin of the Karadjordjevic bloodline you absolutely encounter another one, the Obrenovic. But the latter has been wiped away from history, meanwhile only the first one today enjoys "glory " among the Serbs and among the ones who believe to defend Serbia exposing the Vatican mastermind of the WWII Balkan bloodshed.

Among both dinasties there was always enmity and assassinations. The first to fall was a Karadjordjevic by the hands of an Obrenovic. The revenge came later, some years before the First World Conflict, when the Obrenovic ruling family was definitively transferred in the oblivion with a cruel assassination. It is a fact which is obscured by many "anti-Vatican" researchers who love to represent Germany and Austrian empires always on the side of the Vatican. The gretest difference between both dynasties was in the foreign policy: Obrenovic were for a compromise with the Hungary-Austrian neighbor. Kardjordjevics were for a war with the empire.

Therefore it is expected that every "anti-Jesuit" should appreciate this very important information: eleven years before the war, and more important even than of the Pacelli-ghost-written concordat signed four days before the assassination in Sarajevo, the ruling family of Serbia who was for a policy of compromise and agreement with Austria, was wiped away by another one who was seeking war with Vienna. Very important information, but have you heard it about? Were you aware of this?

I guess not. I just tried to expose the figure of the first Karadjordjevic to be empowered as king of the Serbs and then of the Yugoslavs:

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The Savoy (Vatican) purchasing the Soul of Slovenia

".........Peter I (Serbian: Петар I Карађорђевић, Petar I Karadjordjević) (29 June 1844 – 16 August 1921), was the last King of Serbia from 1903 to 1918, and subsequently the first ruler of the newly created Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (officially renamed Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929) from 1918 until his death 1921. Peter Karadjordjević was a grandson of Karageorge, the restorer of Serbia and a leader of the First Serbian Insurrection (1804-1813). Prince Peter was a third son of prince Aleksandar Karadjordjević, who ruled Serbia from 1842 to 1858, during the period of "Constitutionalist" After the death of his older brother, Peter became the head of the House of Karadjordjević. As the leader of the victorious Serbian Army in the Balkan Wars and World War I, he received the title of Peter the Great Liberator (Kralj Petar Veliki Oslobodilac) after 1918. As a young pretender to the throne, Prince Peter had translated and published on his own expense the famous essay of John Stuart Mill "On Liberty.".........
.........Prince Peter, known to his friends as "Pierre Kara" actively participated in the Franco-Prussian War of 1871 as a volunteer of the Foreign Legion Command, better known as the Legion étrangère. He was very courageous in the battle near Orleans and was wounded. Afterwards he managed to escape the Prussians by swimming across the Loire River.
During the Eastern Crisis (1875-1878) which started with Serb uprising against Ottoman Empire in 1875 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he took on the name of a seventeenth-century Serbian hajduk Petar Mrkonjić of Ragusa, and joined as a leader of the guerilla unit the Bosnian Serb insurgents. He had to leave the region at the insistence of then-prince Milan Obrenović, the ruler of Serbia, who saw Prince Peter Karadjodjević as a main rival to the throne of Serbia and feared his popularity among the Serbian people. Prince Peter married Princess Zorka of Montenegro, the oldest daughter of King Nicholas I, in 1883. They had five children: Helen in 1884, Milena in 1886, George in 1887, Alexander in 1888 and Andrew in 1890. Princess Milena died at the age of one in 1887, and Prince Andrew, the last child, died in childbirth along with his mother Princess Zorka. The Prince Peter spent ten years in Montenegro, and after the death of his wife moved to Paris and eventually settled in Switzerland. His two sons, George and Alexander were admitted to the corps of pages in Saint-Petersbourg.
After long years in exile in Geneva, Switzerland, Prince Peter returned to Serbia in 1903, after King Alexander I Obrenović and his family were killed in a a military coup d'état. Alexander I had increasingly become unpopular by his pro-Austrian foreign policy and by his marriage. After 45 years in exile, the Karadjordjević dynasty regained the leadership of Serbia from the rival House of Obrenović: Prince Peter Karadjordjević, already proclaimed as a new king by the army conspirators, was elected as the King of Serbia by the Serbian Parliament and Senate two weeks later. He was crowned King of Serbia on 21 September 1904 in St. Michael's Cathedral and anointed on 9 October 1904.

Therefore it is clear all those manipulations of the Vatican just during and with the Obrenovic reign: from a side the Vatican was instigating nerves to Vienna which in its turn would have provoked Russia who believed that Vienna through the Vatican would have controlled the entire Balkans till Black Sea. From another side the Vatican and the Jesuits were demolishing the figure of the Obrenovic in the Orthodox world, making them to appear weak in front of Vienna believed to be "behind the Vatican", having in exchange only promises of a future enlargement in the Balkans in the fantasy of a leading role in the "Great Balkan Confederation" (which was also the cause of the Tito-Stalin Split):

".........Also on the desk of saint Peter was sitting since 20 February 1878 a new pontiff, Leo XIII, in the world Gioacchino Pecci, whose arrival would have signed the beginning of a new phase in the relations with the Christendom of the East, marked by a search of direct relations and by a greater reciprocal consideration; on the political level his pontificate would have known a new opening towards the Ottoman Turkey which, in the east was embracing Catholic communities of different rites, and would have favored the coming back on the eastern religious scene of the France and her approach to the Russia............."

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20th February, birthday of Yugoslavia



[Klimenta = Clement]

"......Paternal grandfather Karadjordje Petrovic, leader of the First Serbian Uprising, was an Albanian and named Jin Maraš Clement, according to the book "Karadjordjevic Royal - hidden history." The book was published last week, and the authors are Milorad Bosnjak, journalist, and Slobodan Jakovljevic, mechanical engineer, who is a direct descendant of Jacob Obrenovic, stepbrother Serbian Prince Milos Obrenovic.Publisher of the book is "Lio" from Gornji Milanovac, and the authors have published documents, manuscripts and various correspondence, which, they say, proves that Karadjordjevic Royal originate from "pokatoličenog Albanian tribes" from around Shkodra. The authors of the book "Karadjordjevic Royal - hidden history" are invited to the "Journal of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina" from 1910. year, No. 22, stating that it is part of the tribe Clement arrived around 1737th in the mine environment, during the withdrawal of the Austrian army from Novi Pazar.He adds that he then reached around 500 Albanian families who were "low growth, while the evil and cruel nature" that barely spoke Serbian, and love the animal husbandry and were stable character. Bosnjak and Jakovljevic specifically refer to acts Andrew Luburić, which are printed 1937th year, and state that the tribe Clement Orthodox celebrate St. Clement of Rome, which were allegedly celebrated Karadjordjevica.The authors argue that there is glory celebrated Karagjorgje, his son Alexander and grandson Peter, who "suddenly in Cetinje waives his patron and begins to celebrate Saint Andrew the First Called." They argue that King Peter knew about the origin of their ancestors, and that the tribe Clement protected King Peter, as his descendants, during the withdrawal of the Serbian army through Albania at the beginning of the First World War.Ljušic: No evidenceHistorian Rados Ljušic told BETA that there are no reliable data on Karađorđevo ancestors, nor about when they came to Serbia.- For that we have no reliable historical sources, documents, all in folk tradition. There are various versions of Karađorđevo ancestors - are from France, Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania, but no theory has not been proven - said Ljušic..............".

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July 1 Croatia joins EU


— The horseshoe-shaped country is in the Balkan peninsula, along the Adriatic coast. The country has 4.2 million people, mostly Roman Catholics, and is considered one of the most Catholic nations in Europe. It borders Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary Slovenia, Italy and Montenegro. Serbs, who are Orthodox Christians, are the biggest minority.

Empovering East Europe, predominantly Roman Catholic, in order to transform the joining of Roman Catholic Eastern countries in the entry in EU of papal revanchism???

Meanwhile the not-Roman but Orthodox countries of Eastern Europe are simply destroyed, in order to ignite a domino effect of ideological and material insurrections which will facilitate the complete assimilation of the Orthodox churches inside the Vatican stomach???

See how the Snowden affair of the CIA intelligence activity exploded in Europe just in this day... CIA, Catholics In Action, diverting the attention from the Roman Catholic papal empire (EU)???


EU Membership Fails to Spark Enthusiasm in Croatia 

 Henry Ridgwell

Croatia joins the European Union on July 1 - marking the end of its journey to accession, and a remarkable turnaround for a country that was ravaged by war during the break-up of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. But there has been a marked absence of enthusiasm for E.U. membership among much of the population....".

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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world

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An ‘Italian Schindler'. [Introduction to Vergarolla].


"....What’s more, his deportation to Dachau in 1944 was not related to saving Jews but to German accusations of embezzlement and treason for passing plans for the postwar independence of Fiume to the British....."

[see below reported article]

But of course! Look to the links between the secret manoeuvrings between the post-war democratic Fascist Italy and the Allies, especially the British ones, aimed to frame Tito as "butcher of poooor innocent Italians of Istria". 

To Jesuitical De Gasperi (and to his Jesuit lords) it burned the asses the fact to see a settling of scores between the same Italians of the Italian community of Istria and Dalmazia in Tito's Yugo, as the s.c. "Foibe massacres" (for 70, 80 percent an Italian Fascist post war creation, see the "Foiba di Basovizza") would have been nothing compared the hate between the Italian pro-fascists and the Italian anti-fascists after the WII.

Remember the act of resistance against the Fascist aggression in the by-Savoy-Italy occupied Trieste, Primorje, and Istria immediately after the 1918 (together later Fiume) and in a very aggressive way, an anti-fascist resistance by together Italian and Slovenian, Croatian anti-fascists.

After the war, Tito would have been only a spectator in to see how Italian anti-fascists would have taken revenge on the Italian Fascists who were the tyrants on Istria's [and from 1941 Dalmatia's] and Primorje's populations for over twenty years. Remember on how many Italians hated Fascists and Irredentists and fanatical Nationalists for their work of destruction of a secular side-by-side cohabitation of different ethinc groups in the coasts of West balkans.

And this post war revenge would have ruined the Jesuit and Vatican plans to present Italy, their Banana Republic, as "winner of the WII" among the true winners. The revenge, the settling of scores among Italians of Istria and Dalmatia would have demonstrated that the De Gasperi's statement that "Italians fought to free themselves from Fascism" and therefore are worthy to be considered a nation among the winners of WWII is only (a part the exceptions of minorities) a pure f-a-k-e. Just only see knight of Malta general De Lorenzo in the "anti-fascist" intelligence, then improving Carabineers army to transform it in a secret totalitarian army in Vatican Banana Republic aka "Italy".

Therefore something had to be done and with a false flag attack massacring Italians in Pula/Vergarolla beach the Jesuits and the Vatican obtained:

 1) to present Tito exactly as their intelligence propaganda (built with XMAS, Fascist Black Shirts, etc.)  was describing it as "cruel, assassin", etc.,

2) to prepare the escape of Italians from Istria and Dalmatia and therefore to avoid the settling of scores among Italians and to help so the international efforts of their puppet De Gasperi in to present Italy a nation among the winners of WWII, "always against Mussolini".

If interested in the Massacre of Vergarolla and the De Gasperi's international tricks, see the posts under my label:

From News that Matters:


Nazi butcher presented as “Jew-saver” by the Vatican

Giovanni Palatucci was presented as an ‘Italian Schindler’, and for the Vatican as possible saint. Now he is exposed as a Nazi Collaborator.

Just another hero of the Vatican has been exposed as a Nazi-collaborator.

Just another hero of the Vatican has been exposed as a Nazi-collaborator.
He has been called the Italian Schindler, credited with helping to save 5,000 Jews during the Holocaust.
Giovanni Palatucci, a wartime police official, has been honored in Israel, in New York and in Italy, where squares and promenades have been named in his honor, and in the Vatican, where Pope John Paul II declared him a martyr, a step toward potential sainthood.
What they show, said Dr. Indrimi, who coordinated the research, is that Fiume had only 500 Jews by 1943, and that most of them — 412, or about 80 percent — ended up at Auschwitz, a higher percentage than in any other Italian city.
The research on Palatucci found that rather than being police chief, he was the adjunct deputy commissary responsible for enforcing Fascist Italy’s racial laws. What’s more, his deportation to Dachau in 1944 was not related to saving Jews but to German accusations of embezzlement and treason for passing plans for the postwar independence of Fiume to the British.
This alternative version of Palatucci’s life made international headlines earlier this month after the Centro Primo Levi sent a letter to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, apprising them of the fact that an exhibit contained inaccuracies about Palatucci, reports The New York Times.
This letter summarized the Centro’s research — gathered with the help of more than a dozen scholars reviewing hundreds of documents — and prompted the museum to remove Palatucci from the exhibit, according to The Times.
Over the years Palatucci has been posthumously honored by New York City, declared a martyr by Pope John Paul II, given an award in his name by the Anti-Defamation League and listed on Israel’s Righteous Among the Nations list of Holocaust heroes. But in the wake of the newly reported information, several organizations have said they will be conducting their own investigations.
Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial, which had added Palatucci to its “Righteous Among the Nations” list, will examine the research, according to the Times.
Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi told the paper that the Catholic Church was also looking into the matter.
Source: The New York Times and The Huffington Post
My comment:
The fraud linked to Giovanni Palatucci has been hailed by the Vatican. The Papacy desperately needed one of their own to be declared a “righteous gentile”. 

 It Hitler's Pope is not in Heaven, he is in Hell.

It Hitler’s Pope is not in Heaven, he is in Hell.
Without any records of Roman Catholics opposing the fascists to save Jews, it will not be possible to lift Hitlers Pope towards sainthood: Pope Pius XII will not be declared home in Heaven, and one of the miracle makers of the Church.
The truth is that both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler them selves were Roman Catholics. They made a “peace treaty” with the Vatican, so that the pogroms could continue without the interference of the priests and bishops.
If you look back in modern history, you will find it even more fascinating to see that the Vatican was gifted to the Pope by the Fascists.
I 1929,  Mussolini gifted the Pope the Vatican statehood. In return, the Pope ‘”accepted” that Roman Catholicism became the new state religion of Fascist Italy.
Are you still a member of this “Church”, who have the Fascists leadership in Italy as their modern supporters and contributors?
18 After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his splendour. With a mighty voice he shouted:
Revelation 18: 1-4
‘“Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!”
She has become a dwelling for demons
and a haunt for every impure spirit,
a haunt for every unclean bird,
a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal.
  For all the nations have drunk
the maddening wine of her adulteries.
The kings of the earth committed adultery with her,
and the merchants of the earth grew rich from her excessive luxuries.’

Warning to escape Babylon’s judgment

 Then I heard another voice from heaven say:
‘“Come out of her, my people,
so that you will not share in her sins,
so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
If you want to escape the fire of Hell, you better run. Run for your life, and beg Jesus the Messiah for mercy.
Written by Ivar

6 Responses to Nazi butcher presented as “Jew-saver” by the Vatican

  1. Now, let’s hope somebody gets their eyes opened as about Karol Wojtyla who pedaled Polen peddling Zyklon-B during WWII, was part of making false documents (allegedly) for the US during parts of Operation Paperclip.
    He was a pedophile and liar.

    • ivarfjeld says:
      Dear Lars-Toralf Utnes Storstrand
      Your message on Pope John Paul II is counter productive.
      There is no valid evidence that the Polish Pope was “peddling Zyklon-B”. Neither that he was a pedophile. You give true Christianity a bad name, by going completely overboard.
      You give the Catholic a chance to say to their children” – Look, see what these idiots are writing, do not have anything to do with them.
      That the Roman Catholic cardinals and bishops were co-workers with the Fascists and Nazis is a well documented fact. If we stick to such points, we do not give Jesus a bad name. Many Catholics who are presented with facts, might leave this falsehood of a Church.
      This is the point in this article. New evidence, bone fide documents, that display that a “Catholic hero” and possible “saint” was working for the Nazis.
  2. 35ronnie says:
    Run; where?
    • ivarfjeld says:
      35 Ronnie.
      Roman Catholics can start to run towards the exit of the building. And never again participating in the blasphemy of the Vatican approved mass.
  3. […] Nazi butcher presented as “Jew-saver” by the Vatican | News that matters […]

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Fausto Biloslavo, a confession?



 ".....On 15 February 2012, the Italian ship Enrica Lexie, sailing more than 20 miles from the Indian coast, is approached by a boat deemed threatening by sailor on board in anti-piracy service . Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre, two non-commissioned officers of the regiment San Marco, opened fire to defend the ship convinced of having to face an onslaught of pirates. Two Indian fishermen die. The incident triggered a diplomatic crisis unprecedented in Italy and India, with the explosion of a legal battle which is not over yet. A sword of Damocles over the heads of the two Italian soldiers, who faced a long and illegal detention process with no end in defiance of international law. But if the riflemen Marina have made mistakes or offenses, must be tried in Italy for participating in an international military mission and can not be kept "hostage" by Delhi.Questo book tells their misfortune through exclusive documents, testimonies, photographs, interviews and a series of articles and comments published by the Journal, the protagonist of the campaign to free the two sailor. One year of diplomatic rudeness, humiliation and arbitrary interpretations of the law, but also of hope and great mobilizations to prevent our soldiers are forgotten.

An after death praise for the 200 [two hundreds] criminal of war requested by Yugoslavia after the war and never consigned by Italy?

Maybe those two Italian Marò (= marines) could well be innocent, this is not the true question [In ABE blog I'll explain why it is perceivable a scheme behind, think to the 800th anniversary]. The matter is the  use of this event to justify the impunity of the Italian criminal of war of WWII: 

 March 8, 2013 - Foreign - Afghanistan - The Journal
[www] [PDF PAGE 1]
"Impeach the Marò in Italy so they do not have to go abroad"
".......In practice, the prosecutor should ask the judge for preliminary investigations to hold the Marò in Italy. "The only appropriate measure on the point appears to be that of the prohibition to go abroad, designed to avoid the risk that the two military can be subtracted away from the Italian justice," it reads in the complaint. Termentini Tomasicchio ask the court "the adoption of appropriate precautionary measure intended to avoid any possible danger of escape from Italy of the Marò Latorre Massimiliano and Salvatore Girone." Obviously it's a kind of judiciary subterfuge with the aim to not bring back the sailor in India, which has yet to establish an ad hoc tribunal to decide the fate of the riflemen. On the eve of the return home of Latorre and Girone for the electoral license, the foreign minister revealed that the ruling would have blown up agreements with Delhi. "If the Italian judiciary had gone forward in criminal-supported Giulio Terzi referring to prior permission Christmas - there would be a "hiatus suspension" in the commitment to bring them back to India and Latorre and Girone would have [already] remained in Italy."...........".


Introduction of the e-book: Our Marò
by Toni Capuozzo
I confess that I have never been able to follow this story with the little 'detachment that journalism requires authentic. The fact is that I know for a long time one of the two main characters, Massimiliano La Torre. I know him from the days when, in Kabul, I was doing a feature on the work of our helicopter pilots, who were stationed in a corner of the airport. I and the operator Salvo La Barbera stayed in a cold room in the barracks at the bottom of Jalalabad Road, across town.
On normal days, there are not many in Kabul, touring the city on our own, without much attention to the alarms that repeat reached on our cell phones in the form of text messages sent by some embassy official. Announced the possibility of an attack here or there, and the need to avoid this or that way, but frequently enough that the effect was inevitably that of "the wolf" alarms that you end up aside with a shrug of back (by the way, what will happen with the alarms of Civil Defense, if every rustle of leaves turn the diligent care of those who put their hands on: We told you so ...). We had an old car and a driver local, trustworthy. We were quite camouflaged, and we changed routes and times. So when they told us that in those days we would be given a military escort, we were not happy. Sorry to admit that in addition to the military we would have felt less secure, more evident for terrorists, not invisible, but it was so. We accepted only because the stock would have allowed us to get in and out of the airport and also from our barracks with fewer delays, and because there was no way to refuse.
The stock was a team of San Marco Regiment, and the head of the escort was Massimiliano La Torre. Travel together every day in the streets of Kabul is a kind of test of truth: learn to know you. And we knew a La Torre careful and prudent, safe and gentle. With us, we became fast friends, but also with the men of his team, and with the Afghans we crossed. If you are a Rambo, in Kabul there are opportunities to exchange an unruly driver for a potential terrorist, nor scoured zigzagging between the queues, or overwhelm street children or women going through uncertain, wrapped in burkas. The Tower was attentive but never overbearing, never over the top: there was no time to be ashamed to be on board his jeep, and in silence we were ashamed instead of having prejudices.
Outside of work, at the time of the table, was a friend cheerful and open a southern sea, which often reminds the country, always the family. One who loved his job, his department, his flag, but at the same time he was curious and confused that new world of friends and enemies, of different habits, including away without arrogance, without drifting. When I happened to mention the Italian soldiers in Afghanistan and their approach to the ground, when I came to point out that there was an Italian style in the babel of ISAF, I had in mind or Tornado Lince, I did not think the drones surveillance or thermal imaging cameras, I was not referring to any technological devilry. No, I thought the only real wealth of the Italian armed forces: human resources, men. People able to earn respect by respecting, to meet the objectives of the mission, with determination, but smoothing hostility and mistrust winning. An "arsenal" of knowledge that does not come from any academy, but that probably comes from the very history of our country. In short, saying things like this, I often thought people like La Torre.
So when I jumped in the eyes of the few lines agency who reported an incident in the Indian Ocean, I had a moment of doubt: there was something not quite right. Please note, I did not feel like the neighbor interviewed by the horn after a heinous crime, "No, did not seem like a quiet ...". I had attended la Torre, then, even in Italy, but I had seen at work in the hell of Kabul, where a finger could go easy on the trigger a hundred times. So for me it was never a matter of principle - solidarity with the military engaged on behalf of his country, claiming the right to a trial in accordance with international standards - that drove me to take care of this. Handle it? And badly. I respected silencer imposed by the Italian Government, and I hope that the prudent strategy, political and legal, was right.
I know and have always appreciated the ability of men like Staffan de Mistura, and I'm friends with someone on his staff. I know and have always appreciated the strength of men like Admiral de Paola, and I'm friends with someone on his staff. I know and I have always appreciated the fickleness and prejudices of Italian journalism, I was glad when the TG5 placed in a corner of the screen the yellow ribbon in solidarity with the kidnapped and the counting of days elapsed. But I swallowed bitter pills with every step of this story, and I have often wondered why nobody did a real investigation - maybe not door-votes incident, no one was going to Colombo to speak with the port authorities, because he was grateful to the Italian navy the only one to remain in port to help during a tsunami warning, do not hide that he does not believe the incident, but they speak of internal wars between clans of fishermen and smugglers, and plots that border police and Indian Navy.
You do not make inquiries because in Italy is judged before. Those who know these countrymen in uniform do their duty, and knows that they do for a few dollars more, and was surprised that even in a country like ours shabby there is still someone for whom a sense of duty makes sense, is on their side. Who does not love them, who do you think are the rambo or the last imperialist empire that is not there, who is ready to love any violence, provided it is from the "right", it is against them, whatever. And then there's a country largely indifferent, busy looking at himself, wrapped in local passions and small, who cares. The newspaper editors there would have been many editorials ready, written in pen tip and wet eyelashes, had died, the two sailor, with a reception at the airport of Ciampino and state funeral. They are alive, and a bit 'forgotten.
This book fills a gap, and allows you to revisit joints and behind the scenes of a story uncomfortable. Uncomfortable for everyone, but especially for someone who does not know. That right now is in a foxhole in Afghanistan, a base that will leave in a few months, and see something suspicious. We always went conservative, and the Italian contingent has the quiet distinction of having caused, in ten years, one innocent death, and when you can give name to your mistakes, it means that you can rammaricartene, and has remained a painful mistake. So our countryman unknown see something suspicious, but will think ten times before sliding your finger on the trigger, and a hundred before pressing. If you have time, will decide whether to shoot, and if you shoot in the air. Are long moments, of which we know nothing. All we know is, inevitably, it will be more alone than ever, more fragile than ever, representing a country that knows how to send out the other, and not always know how to bring them back.[More]

soon a new post

soon a new post

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General Patton and the Foiba di Basovizza.

Image: General Patton

Image: The Foiba di Basovizza, national monument. To recall what?

    Sardos Albertini, in occasion of the celebration of the Remembrance Day for the Italians who abandoned Istria and Dalmatia after the war or were murdered in the post-war revenges, affirmed that the responsibility of the "foibe" [a kind of execution where people is shot at the entrance of natural caves and then there pushed – sometimes also alive] pertains to Communism.

    Why therefore such obsession with Communism? Of course not only in order to again present the Italian nationalism as "filled with good sentiments towards the Slavic peasant" [the hate against the Italians "exclusively" due to the "Communist conspiracy" which was "never sustained" by the "poor Slavic peasant"]. But probably because they say "the responsible of Foibe is Communism" but their mind they are obsessed with that list of 200 Italian criminals of war in the Balkans, of which no one was consigned to the Yugoslav authorities and/or was submitted to a serious judicial proceeding [considering the trials in Italy only an excuse in order to not consign them to the Yugoslavs].

    Therefore the so hated "Communism" was only the alibi in order to avoid the consign of those Italian criminals of war in the hands of Tito. Allegedly for this reason Saturday the local newspaper Il Piccolo di Trieste [director: Possamai; owner: De Benedetti/group L'Espresso] published again the collection of articles where it was described how the "Communist revolution" wiped away the Italian capitalist elite from Istria and Dalmatia. In order to support the justification floating in the air, a justification for the decision to not consign those criminals of war: "under a Communist regime it is not possible to have a right trial".

    OK, I'll assume here without to put in discussion this thesis. Artificial thesis because a trial in Yugoslavia for Roatta & C. would have been monitored by International authorities, and would have kept Yugoslavia under International eyes. But in the case of trials, especially Italy would have been dragged again on the international moral court bar of the accuse for having provoked so much deaths and sufferance in the Balkans, and the work of Jesuitical De Gasperi, aimed to present Italy in the international context as "winner among the winners" of the war against Nazi-Fascism, would have vanished like snow under the sun of Sahara desert.

    Tito was not a cretin. Look on how he tried to show himself well-disposed towards mons. Genocide alias mons. Stepinac. Only after Vergarolla exploded and it was clear he never could have back neither a stinky shoe of those Italian criminals of war, he ordered to arrest mons. Genocide. Tito knew that the eyes of the world were on him. Figure it out if he could have allowed a serial-murder of Italians... To do a favor to his enemy De Gasperi??!

 Image: Victory for Churchill or.... the Vatican? See:

      Therefore "Communism" is so much openly hated by the Italian anti-Slovenian and anti-Croatian revanchism, as well at the same time secretly blessed by him, because if it was not for the "Foibe", Italy never could have appeared a "winner" among the "winners" after the WWII. Remember only that the ones who the most  pushed for Tito in Yugoslavia were the English services who, at the same time, were the ones who the most supported the Jesuitical De Gasperi's resistance against the Tito's request for those Italian criminals of war of the Balkan aggression. And the ones - uh! What a coincidence! - who had the absolute authority on Vergarolla [in British zone], whose explosion started the exodus of Italians from Istria and Dalmatia.

    Even a dumb can understand - the ones that today are obsessed by this kind of anti-Communism are the same ones who more than 65 years ago toasted the murder of general Patton.

    I could write books on this argument, but "... I don't have time, money, resources, etc." so I put here only some lines even without links. In the part of Italy where I live I absolutely don't feel secure, I feel continually monitored. I probably am the only one on this planet who exposes in such way the Italian/Yugoslav context in the II Thirty Years war, especially at the end of it. If they could they would kill me. I don't believe that all that is "stuff of the past", but the past was transformed simply in an eternal future of searched revenge.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Plan Versus Patton

".....Thirdly, there was the prevention of General Patton’s Army from blitzkrieging into Berlin and East Germany (where the German people were ready to welcome Americans and surrender to them, as this was the hope of the German Army in the East, fighting fiercely against Stalin’s Red Army.) This deliberate forbidding of Patton to take Berlin (which would have resulted in surrender) combined with the all-out suicide assault by the Soviet Armies to take the Nazi capital (raping, pillaging and plundering all along the way), resulted in the slaughter of 600,000 more Russian soldiers than a sensibly conducted campaign would have killed, according to recent estimates by Russian intelligence sources.” {} 61[Emphasis added]....".
 Friday, July 17, 2009

Wlodimir Ledochowski Kulturkampf Revenge


"....10th August : De Gasperi in Paris at the Peace Conference pronounce the famous speech with which, to use the words of a comment to his words, “he turns his role of a defeated man in the one of a winner, from the accused in accuser, from the humiliated one to the teacher of the ones who wanted to humiliate an entire highly civilized people”......".

Friday, August 19, 2011

Vergarolla after 65 years - the timing and the international context